Issada Two Day Professional Training

Issada Two Day Professional Training

Last week Diane, Eve and Sabine from the Esthetique NY team attended a two day training course at the Issada Headquarters in Bulimba. It can safely be said that walking into the Head Office of Issada is truly a picturesque experience on its own. It has become a small world that is dedicated to the class and luxury that defines the Issada brand. It is clear that the design has stayed true to the vision of Founder Fiona Neal as a quality, durable and technologically advanced luxury colour cosmetic brand. The headquarters is designed lavishly and would appeal to the feminine side of any woman who walked through the black and white logo adorned doors. The decorations include high ceilings dripping with chandeliers, modern designer furniture, ultra-glam trimmings like sequins and feathers, and stunning artworks which cover all walls, even in the bathrooms. The space well and truly exemplifies the glamorous and girly feel of the brand and the local Brisbane women who created this now internationally famous make-up range. It is a visually stunning location that provides outstanding creative inspiration to the staff and trainees. The women running the training sessions are just as glamorous themselves and are more than welcoming to our team. They are also very efficient in running the extensive two day course which is jam packed with knowledge and expertise learnt over many years, since the first brushes were designed and Issada was born.

During the first day of the course we covered the theory including product history, ingredients, brand philosophy, hygiene and application standards and client care.

The ladies at Issada began by introducing our team to the Holy Grail of Issada – the original brushes. Issada launched in 2000 with the brushes. Designed by engineers they deserve attention in their field with their ergonomically engineered solid aluminium handles and stunning natural bristles – they stand alone as true make-up artistry. Holding an Issada brush is unlike holding any other make-up brush on the market and as we passed them around the training room it was clear that all factors had been considered in their design. They are perfectly balanced when held on their waist line. The bristles are soft and made from 100% natural (and cruelty free) sable, pony, squirrel or goat hair. The brushes are shaped perfectly for ease of application and blending and can be disinfected thoroughly without harming the brush handles or bristles, giving them life time guarantee. Next of course came the Issada make-up range, born from the gap in the market between the Issada brushes and available cosmetics. This range is designed to treat skin long-term and not just mask imperfections temporarily. In 2007 the cosmetics graced the shelves of selected dealers and the Issada cult following began. As we listened to our trainer Joselyn detail the many ingredients in each product in the Issada range, it seemed as though the list of natural healing properties would never end. With the words of vitamin A, C and E, lavender, aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, coconut oil, rosemary, myrrh and green tea ringing in our ears, we couldn’t wait to begin our practical lesson the following day.

The second day was an intensive makeup application training session in which Issada trainer Jade led the Esthetique NY team to achieve the Issada Best sabine and distandard in a day, bridal, evening, and a smoky eye look. The training, while being extensive and detailed, allowed for all skill levels, regardless of the expertise of the trainee. Every person in training was assured to leave feeling equipped to replicate these looks again at a high standard on clients. This was not an empty promise. Divided into pairs, the trainees began working on each other under the watchful and supportive Jade who encouraged when appropriate and corrected when needed. The product selections and combinations are endless and stunning – the buttery consistency of the cosmetics is made better by the knowledge that they heal, strengthen and repair the skin while worn. They are pharmaceutical quality, making them perfect to be applied onto broken or traumatised skin, as we do at Esthetique NY. After completing the final task at the end of the day – the bridal look – it was safe to say all trainees had a confidence boost when they looked in the mirror.

There is a realisation that the confidence that we feel while wearing Issada makeup is one that we can achieve for our clients, to help them to feel their very best when leaving the clinic. After all, that is the point of make-up, to enhance facial features that you are confident about and to conceal what you aren’t so confident about.

The Issada training day has enforced our passion for this world class brand for all of our team and we invite you to come in on Tuesday for our colour matching day where you can see the mineral magic for yourself.

Please call ahead on 3191 7180 to reserve your spot.

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