New product – Christian Faye Eyebrow Kits

New product – Christian Faye Eyebrow Kits

In our opinion your brows are one of the most important features of your face so it’s important that you get them right.  They can compliment your good features as well as detract you from the bad. Eyebrows have the ability to completely transform your face creating the perfect shape and symmetry to your features. Our brand new product – Christian Faye Eyebrows is the perfect eyebrow application system, enabling you to tailor your brows to suit your individual needs. These kits are simple, fast and offer perfect results every time.

Each Christian Faye Eyebrows kit includes eyebrow powder, applicator brush, 3 stencils and a compact case for easy application anywhere, anytime.

There are four key benefits of the Christian Faye Kits that separate them from other products on the market:

Wide range of shades
Christian eyebrows come in 8 different shades, so we are confident that we are stocking the right shade for you. Pop into the clinic and Add a little bit of body textour training will help us choose the right colour for face. It is important to trust the colour picked out by us as sometimes the right colour might not actually be the one you are expecting. The perfect shade is usually one to two shades darker than your hair colour giving you a natural yet defined look. Once you have the perfect shade your new eyebrows will change your confidence, in a positive and refreshing way.

Perfect eyebrows in seconds
Christian Eyebrows are fast and easy to apply. Each kit comes with a stencil so you don’t have to worry about ending up with uneven or lop sided brows. Whether you have a round shaped face, heart shaped face, diamond shaped face, square shaped face, long shaped face or oval shaped face you are guaranteed to end up with perfect brows every single time.

Water / sweat resistant
If you have sparse eyebrows there is no need to worry about the product fading away throughout the day. Christian Faye Eyebrows are water proof making them ideal for the summer season and give you the ability to enjoy all of your favourite activities without worrying about constantly reapplying. The powder contains a clay base that clings to the skin making the eyebrows sweat resistant so they are perfect whatever your busy day entails.

Natural look
Christian Faye Eyebrows’ fill in scars, thickens, colours and shapes the brows. This makes them useful for people who have no or partial eyebrows, such as women suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment or alopecia. In addition Christian Faye Eyebrows can even help you moderate the colour and shape of your tattooed eyebrows as they fade therefore your eyebrows will appear more natural to your skin and hair type. The pigment of colours can easily cover greys as well making them perfect for every age group.

This amazing product retails for only $49.95 so come on in, we know you will love your new eyebrows!

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