Cosmetic Injectable and Dermal Filler Myths Debunked!

Cosmetic Injectable and Dermal Filler Myths Debunked!

At Esthetique NY we truly believe in the saying that “knowledge is power” so we do our best to give our clients all the information they need to make an informed decision on their cosmetic choices, both through our online communications and during face to face consultations. It is also why we are dedicating this article to the top 5 cosmetic injectable and dermal filler myths to elevate any hesitation due to misinformation about these highly beneficial treatments.

Here are the top 5:

Myth no.1: Cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers are extremely painful

While this can be dependent on the pain tolerance of the patient, the truth is that most people compare the sensation of the injections to a mosquito bite. At Esthetique NY our clients generally only feel a slight pinching feeling which only lasts for a few seconds. It is not necessary to administer any aesthetic to receive cosmetic injectables or dermal fillers as the needle injection is very thin making the pain very minimal.

Myth no. 2: Cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers are only for wrinkles

While many people seek cosmetic injections to fight ageing they are not just for cosmetic purposes. It actual fact cosmetic injections have been used to treat migraines by reducing muscle tension and for many muscle related ailments including chronic neck and back pain, involuntary facial movements and movement disorders such as facial spasms, writer’s cramps and neck tremors. In addition injections can also be used to temporarily block sweat glands to stop excessive sweating, and even might help patients who suffer from depression. Remember this is a treatment delivered by medical professionals and you can seek treatments for a wide variety of issues the only way you will find out if it suits you is if you ask!

Myth no. 3: There is no point seeking cosmetic injections and dermal fillers until you see wrinkles appear

This is simply not true. Cosmetic injectables can be used as a preventative treatment. This is why it is common for men or women in their twenties and thirties to begin receiving treatments as it beneficial in the long run. As cosmetic injections often treat lines and wrinkles formed by muscle movements like scowling, squinting, and raising eyebrows by starting treatments preventatively, your muscles can actually learn to not make certain faces and expressions and contribute to worsening their lines. By not making certain expressions or making them less often, you may actually need fewer treatments or need injections less often in the future.

Myth no. 4: Cosmetic injections are dangerous

Cosmetic injectable treatments have actually been used for nearly 20 years for a range of different conditions and as a result have a long and well-established safety history. During this time no long term side effects have become apparent and with more than 16 million treatments having been performed since it was first introduced in the marketplace that is a wide and extensive test subject to erase any concerns. It would take a dose of more than 100 times the average dose given for cosmetic use for cosmetic injectables treatments to be harmful to the human system.

Myth no. 5: After receiving injections you will never be able to show emotions on your face again

Many people think that getting cosmetic injections and dermal fillers will cause you to lose the ability to have facial expressions. In actual fact these treatments will simply enhance expressions rather than erase them completely. Those who have had the treatments performed by a trained and skilled physician are still able to display the entire range of facial expressions including frowning, appearing surprised and smiling- which you will be doing all the time because you look amazing and that is definitely something to smile about!

Our team at Esthetique NY hopes that this has helped to clear up any misconceptions about these amazing treatments! Please come in and see us for a free consultation and assessment or contact Diane on 3191 7180 for any enquiries and bookings.

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