Epidermal Blading

aka Dermablading / Epidermal Planing / Epidermal Levelling

Are you interested in eliminating vellus hair and enhancing the natural glow of your face? The fluffy face blues will become a thing of the past with our new Epidermal Blading.
It uses a blade to remove dull dead surface skin cells and vellus hair. It will help with thickened leathery skins and 'peach fuzz' growth on the face, giving the skin a new lease of life with no down time after the treatment.

• No pain, no chemicals
• Instant results, great for pigmented skin 
• Removing facial hair by Epidermal Blading does not encourage more hair growth
• Great pre-treatment for masks, oxygen treatments and peels
• Ideal pre-event treatment: great for smooth, even makeup application

• Evens skin texture and reduces hyperkeratinised buildup
• Thins and compacts Stratum Corneum
• Increases absorbtion of active products and assists in reducing blocked follicles and milia
• Over time increases the firmness of the skin
• Minimises fine lines/wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation 

Frequency of treatments 
• First 3 treatments at 2-3 week intervals, subsequent treatments at 4-6 week intervals
• Epidermal Blading treatments can be used in combination with other professional treatments, enzymes, masks and peels