Epidermal Levelling

Epidermal Levelling

Get glowing skin this summer with Epidermal Levelling

This procedure involves the use of a patented blade that works by removing surface dead skin cells and fine down-like hair on the face. Epidermal levelling is a safe and effective treatment that will

Improve the texture and tone of skin

Reduce fine vellus hair

Increase the absorption of both the treatment and the use of products at home

Aids the smooth application of makeup

The treatment is designed to treat a variety of skin types and is even suitable for patients with telangiectasia (widened blood vessels).

The results are amazing. Glowing skin that looks refreshed and renewed. With no down time, this treatment is a fantastic pick-me-up and great for special occasions. It is recommended that the First 3 treatments are had in 2-3 week intervals and subsequent treatments at 4-6 week intervals

Say goodbye to peach fuzz and feel more than “just peachy”, feel fabulous this summer!

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