Everything you need to know about Epidermal Blading

Everything you need to know about Epidermal Blading

aka Dermablading / Epidermal Planing / Epidermal Leveling  / Dermaplaning

Are you interested in eliminating vellus hair and enhancing the natural glow of your face? The fluffy face blues will become a thing of the past with our Epidermal Blading. Epiderma Blading will help with thickened leathery skins, the removal of vellus hair and give skin a new lease of life with no down time after the treatment.

What is Epidermal Blading? 
Epidermal Blading is a procedure that removes the top layer of dead skin cells along with vellus hair through the use of a straight edge surgical blade. This treatment exfoliates the epidermis with a safe blade that has been designed specifically for this treatment. This exciting new treatment improves the texture and glow of your skin through the removal of the fine peach fuzz like hairs (vellus hair) that can be found on your face, neck, fore arms and back. This treatment is safe for all skin types and is suitable for patients with telangiectasia.

How does it work?
The surgical blade or scalpel is positioned at a 45 degree angle to exfoliate the epidermis. The use of a scalpel may sound like an invasive process however the blade is specially designed to ensure there is no risk of injury during the process. Our practitioner here at Esthetique NY is specially trained to give you the best results in a safe and clean environment.

Epidermal Blading is a pain free and chemical free treatment, with no downtime and delivers instant results leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

The exciting things about this treatment is that the results are instant with no down time. Typically you should see a reduction in hyperkeratinised build up which allows an increase in the absorption of active products. The firmness and the elasticity of the skin will increase over time.

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