Treat and prevent stretch marks with Stratamark

Treat and prevent stretch marks with Stratamark

Now is the perfect time to start working on your perfect beach body and beautiful skin! With the weather warming up and only being four weeks away from the start of summer, the team at Esthetique NY would like to introduce you to Stratamark. Stratamark is a unique gel formulation, specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of all types of stretch marks. Whether you suffer from white thin flattened scars, raised pink or red coloured scars or purple tinged scars, Stratamark can effectively reduce the appearance and physical symptoms of stretch marks. As well as being an insecurity for many people it is also common for stretch marks to be itchy and tender particularly in sensitive areas, so why put up with it any longer?


Esthetique NY has searched far and wide to find a stretch mark removal product that we believe in. Stratamark is not only easy and safe to use on all skin types but also works consistently time after time. Stratamark is proven to soften and flatten raised stretch marks, reduce redness and discolouration, relieve the itching and discomfort caused by scars and work preventatively to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks appearing during pregnancy. It only takes a few minutes to dry and can then be covered by clothing or other cosmetic products.  The product is very simple to use and only needs to be applied once a day, so it is easily accommodated into your daily beauty routine. Stratamark works best when applied in a very thin layer to the relevant areas and does not need to be applied in multiple layers like other creams and moisturisers on the market which waste valuable product.

Stratamark is a gentle formulation that does not contain alcohol, fragrances or parabens so it can be used by anyone regardless of whether you are a breastfeeding or expectant mother, adolescent or have sensitive skin. The product works by normalising the collagen synthesis cycle in the skin disrupted by stretch marks to improve the appearance of stretch marks over time. The gel formulation also hydrates your skin while preventing water from being lost from the dermal layers which is important for skin healing. It also protects your skin by forming a durable and flexible waterproof sheet and at the same time allows your skin to breathe without causing irritation. You can even combine Stratamark with some of our other services at Esthetique NY, including skin needling and/or collagen induction therapy for a faster result or a treatment that better suits your desires. Depending on your concerns, Esthetique NY is always happy to work with you to find a unique treatment option because no two women are the same.

Esthetique NY wants you to celebrate your uniqueness and know that it is not abnormal to suffer from stretch marks, as women are two and half times more likely to develop them then men, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them any longer. If you want your stretch marks treated or to prevent the appearance of them in the future then please come in and see us and leave feeling more beautiful in your skin.

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