Epidermal Blading

Epidermal Blading

Epidermal Blading goes by many different names such as micro levelling, micro blading, epidermal levelling or derma planning. No matter the name, they all still involve the same process of exfoliating the skin using a scalpel. The treatment entails a scalpel being held at a 45 degree angle that is moved across the face is a small back and forth motion. This results in hair free glowing skin!

Epidermal Blading is sometimes referred to as surgical exfoliation in America and it was used by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. It essentially removes the old, dead upper layer of the epidermis. A consequence of this is that the fine, down like vellus hair is also removed. This results in smooth, clean, hair free skin.

The benefits of this treatment is that makeup can be applied more smoothly, resulting in a flawless look. This treatment also promotes better skin care as products are more easily absorbed and applied. Epidermal balding is a great alternative to waxing and threading. Waxing can cause trauma to the skin from the high heat and ripping at the skin. Threading is also an aggressive treatment that can be quiet painful. Both Waxing and threading don’t have many benefits for the skin.

A question that is asked frequently is “does the hair grow back thicker?” This is a very good question as many people associate shaving hair with thicker regrowth. However, the hair on the face is different to the hair on legs and arms. Leg and arm hair is called hormonal hair. The hair that covers the face is called vellus hair. It is sometimes referred to as peach fuzz and is a fine down like hair that covers most of the body. Vellus hair grows back the same after it is removed. Clients actually find that there is less regrowth. This is because each vellus hair is on its own cycle. Doing the treatment every month will get on top of the skin cycle and hair cycle resulting in less hair on the face and smoother, clearer skin.

Epidermal Blading is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types (skin colours) and is suitable during pregnancy. It has no down time, with instant results!

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