Restore, Enhance and Refresh with Dermal Fillers

Restore, Enhance and Refresh with Dermal Fillers

Restore a natural looking appearance with Dermal Fillers.

As we age, our skin loses fat, collagen and other important elements that provide facial volume and support. We also start to see the formation of lines, wrinkles and folds that contribute to us looking older.

Dermal Fillers are clear gel made from a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) . HA is found naturally in the body, where its main role is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin. Our levels of HA diminish as we age. Dermal Fillers are designed to resemble your own body’s natural HA and are used to help softly revitalise your facial features.

Dermal Fillers are injected under the skin’s surface to soften lines and wrinkles or restore volume lost to ageing. Results are natural-looking and immediate.

There are different types of Dermal Fillers, each product is specifically designed to work in a different layer of the skin and produce different treatment effects.


Forehead lines | Frown Lines | Crow’s feet
As we age, our skin looses elasticity and plumpness. When we move our muscles to create facial expression, the skin no longer ‘springs back’ and lines and wrinkles start to appear around the eyes, in the frown area or across the forehead.

Lines around the mouth | Sad mouth corners | Mouth to chin lines
As our skin ages and loses firmness and elasticity, lines may start to appear along the jaw line, around the chin or around the mouth.

Tear troughs | Sunken temples 
Ageing can lead to volume loss under the eyes, accentuating tear troughs and giving the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Temples can also start to appear sunken and hollow.

Flat or sunken cheeks | Nose to mouth fold
As we lose volume in the fat pads under the skin, cheeks may start to appear flatter or even sunken. With the loss of volume around the cheeks, the skin may start to drape or sag over the line between the nose and the mouth to become a fold, which creates a tired look to the face.

*Areas treated:  crow’s feet, eyebrow, worry lines, cheeks, sad mouth, nose-to-mouth.

How long do Dermal Fillers last?
The effects of Dermal Fillers treatment are long lasting but not permanent, they can last 6 to 12 months, but this period may vary depending on the individual, the amount used and the area being treated.

What are the possible side effects or Dermal Fillers?
The most common post-treatment reaction is slight redness, swelling, itching, bruising or slight pain and tenderness at the treatment site. These reaction usually disappear shortly after each injection, within a few days.


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