Skinvigor8’s SilcSkin Pads can produce noticeable results from day one. The SilcSkin Pads work through the healing powers of silicone. The pads use 100% medical grade silicone that prevent muscles and skin from forming wrinkles while sleeping, as well as smoothing existing wrinkles while awake. SilcSkin Pads are non-invasive and they are easy to use - you simply wear them while you sleep. Live the true definition of beauty sleep with SilcSkin Pads.

The SilcSkin Pads:
Prevent the formation of neck wrinkles
Repair neck wrinkles
Hydrate the skin
Improve irregular collagen structure
Increase blood flow which improves skin tone

Products we stock:
Collette pad - for the neck
Eye pad - for the eyes
Facial pads - multi area set
Decollete pad - for the decolletage